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Black Friday began in the US in the 1940s, the shops were flooded on the day after Thanksgiving, offering Americans discounts. As more people started shopping online Amazon offered Black Friday discounts in 2010 but not many people noticed! In 2013 Asda had a Black Friday sale which really started the ball rolling in the UK. Other retailers saw the success and Black Friday has become popular in the UK. Consumers are enjoying the huge discounts and are ready to grab a bargain.

Over the years there has been an increase in online shopping, Black Friday is no exception. There is nothing like going to the shops as you don’t know what bargains you will find.

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If we look at high street shopping the experts are saying that there has not been an increase in spending it’s just making shoppers shop earlier. Rather than spend in December, November is the new December! The stores in the Oracle shopping centre in Reading town centre will be open early, rather than travel into Reading and have less sleep book with Hillingdon Prince on Black Friday. So that you can get some extra sleep before shopping and make it stress free as much as possible, why not book a room to rest after your shopping spree and make the most of Black Friday?

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday like Black Friday is a relative newcomer to the UK however it has become one of the most popular shopping days of the year! Cyber Monday is a term used for the Monday after Thanksgiving. It is also the Monday after discount day Black Friday, you will get the best online deals in the run up to Christmas. Shops also have great deals in Reading for you to get your Christmas presents, don’t miss out on the bargains.

Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Exclusive offers are available for our Priority Card Holders. Make your reservation on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and you will receive a bottle of white wine in your room on arrival. One bottle per booking. Make your reservation on our website using your Priority Card Discount code and we will ensure a bottle of waiting for your arrival. Valid for all bookings arriving before May 2018. If you do not already hold a Priority Card you may register here

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