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Cinemas in Reading are a great way to switch off and relax. Enjoy the experience of the big screen, the surround sound, and the popcorn! Cinema is a form of art, films combine the best of books, music, theatre, illustration, and design, we become engaged in the film often travelling to another world, another era. We laugh, we gasp with others and sometimes we cry, our emotions are stirred and we feel good.

Something that we have to remember is that when filmmakers create a movie, it is made to be seen on a big screen in a darkened theater. Going to the cinema is the only way to truly appreciate the movie experience fully.

There are two main cinemas in Reading. Some people prefer one over the other. We will share our experiences with you so that you can decide on which cinema you prefer. Whichever one you choose to go to we hope you enjoy your movie when staying with us at Hillingdon Prince Hotel.

Vue Cinema

Vue Cinema is located by the Riverside at the Oracle in Reading town centre. It has 11-state-of-the-art-screens. You can watch the latest 2D and 3D movies. Vue also has big screen events which including theatre, dance, music performances, gaming, sport, and opera.

They have recently reduced their ticket price to £4.99 for every film every day. These prices are for the standard seats. The VIP seats are £6.99 which are definitely worth buying if you prefer to have the extra legroom, wider chairs, and optimum viewing. We find the Vue cinema is in a convenient location, you can watch a film after you have finished your shopping at (the Oracle Shopping Centre). There are plenty of places next to the cinema where you can grab a bite to eat then watch a film at Vue.

Vue cinema is a 4-minute drive from Hillingdon Prince Hotel. There is parking available at the Oracle car park which is next to the Vue cinema. If you park from 6.30pm then parking is £3.50 for the evening. In the day it is £4.00 for up to 2 hours, £6.00 of up to 3 hours and £8.00 for up to 4 hours. You can catch the 21 bus opposite the hotel, it takes 6 minutes on the bus, you get off at King’s road and walk a couple of minutes to the Vue. It costs £4 for an adult for an all-day bus pass or £2 for a single journey. Children 18 and under can get a boost ticket which costs £2.50 for an all-day bus pass or £1.40 for a single journey. If you prefer you can catch a taxi from the hotel which costs £7. Walking will take around 18 minutes, it’s a nice walk to the cinema and you don’t have to think about the parking!

Showcase Cinema

Showcase Cinema is a 14-screen cinema located in Winnersh. The layout of this cinema makes for a great viewing experience, all the seats are pure luxury, leather recliner seats at no extra cost. Electronically controlled seats with plenty of legroom. You feel totally relaxed at Showcase Cinema as the seats are so comfortable. There is plenty of room for people to move around.

The Showcase has regular live broadcasts from The National Theatre such as West End Musicals, Opera, and Ballet. There is an Xplus screen, a giant wall to wall screen, with next generation projection which gives crystal clear definition giving the best and brightest picture in either 2D or 3D.

If you like your Costa, there is one in the cinema which is really convenient. Upstairs there is a lounge bar with ambient decor, soft lighting, and comfy seating a great place to meet even if you are not watching a film.

Tickets cost £12.85 for an adult and £9.85 for a child. Viewings are cheaper on Sundays after 7pm and all day Monday and Tuesday with an Insider Card. You can register here.

Showcase cinema is a 12 minute drive from Hillingdon Prince Hotel. There is ample free parking available. You can catch the Emerald 6 bus from Whitley street which is a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Take the bus to St Mary’s Butts Centre in Reading town centre. From here you can catch the Lionx4 bus to showcase cinema which is a 5 minute walk from the bus stop. It costs £4.30 for a simply Wokingham adult for an all-day bus pass. Children 18 and under can get a boost ticket which costs £2.50 for an all-day bus pass. If you prefer to catch a taxi, it costs £15.

The Vue cinema is closer to Hillingdon Prince Hotel, it is easy to get to and the tickets are cheaper. Whereas the Showcase Cinema is further from the the hotel however the seats are super comfy! Whatever Cinema you choose to go to when staying at Hillingdon Prince Hotel we hope you enjoy your cinema experience.