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1952 OUTSIDE HOTELGuests often ask me to tell them about the history of the hotel. I have trawled the internet but have always been unsuccessful. I can find pictures of the local area but all photos seem to stop at the hotel railings. The building was constructed in 1890s as a house. I have been told the brick work is in the style of Huntley and Palmers (a well known biscuit factory in Reading) there could have been a connection. Later the Milk Marketing Board used the building for their offices. One of the staff at the hotel recently found this photo, do you recognise the building? Yes it is our hotel!! In 1951 the film ‘The Card’ also known to the American audience as ‘The Promoter’ was filmed in Stoke on Trent.the promotor

They also used our hotel in some of the shots including the photo shown in this email. This black and white film stared many famous people including; Petula Clark, Alec Guinness, Valerie Hobson and Glynis Johns. This means if you enter our hotel through the front doors you will stand where the legends of this 1951 film once stood. If you have any photos or further knowledge of our hotel building I would love to hear more about it, please jot me an email; MORE INFORMATION CLICK BELOW: