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Over the years travelling has changed its face. Gone are the days of expensive flights and travel for the rich. With so many budget airlines competing for travel has become cheaper than ever before. Travel blogs are cropping up every day with do much information available for travelling on a budget tips and so are the Instagram pictures. The world seems like a smaller place more than ever before.

Exploring the world no longer has to break your bank. So how do people travel so much? Let’s have a look at some essential travelling tips to help you plan your holiday on a budget.
Remember the quote,

‘If we fail to plan, we plan to fail’? This is our first tip!’

1. Plan

It is particularly important to plan if you are on a budget, otherwise, you will run out of money, possibly in the middle of nowhere!

Your plan should include:

  • Where you are travelling to
  • When you are going
  • How long you will be spending in each city or country
  • The route you will be taking

Remember if you leave your bookings to the last minute, flights and accommodation are more expensive.

2. Out of Season

If you are on a budget we strongly advise you to travel out of season. The prices go up during the school holidays drastically. Spend some time researching the ideal times to visit your destination, and then avoid the school holidays! There will always be pros and cons to travelling out of season and you may have to comprise as you are traveling on a budget. On the plus side, you will avoid the tourists and the long queues as well as travelling and enjoying yourself in peace whilst still in budget!

3. Book your flights in advance

It is important to book your return flights in advance. The worst thing would be running out of money abroad and being stranded! The earlier you book your flights the cheaper they are likely to be. The closer you book them to your departure date, the more the prices will increase. Compare prices online before booking your flights. Remember that midweek prices for flights are lower. Keep an eye out for low-cost budget airlines deals too. They usually have deals throughout the year.

4. Booking Accommodation

You could stay with family and friends. This wouldn’t cost anything however one of the reasons that people travel is to get away from everything and everyone! You could Couchsurf, which is cheap, however, many people are not comfortable sleeping on a strangers sofa. The other option is to stay in budget hotels. They will be in your budget at the same time you will have all the conveniences of a hotel during your travel. If you are staying in Reading you can book your budget room with us at

5. Packing

It is essential that you keep your packing to the essentials you will need, especially if you are travelling on a budget. You do not want to pay more for your luggage on your flight. Taking hand luggage onto a low-cost airline is free. Extra luggage or extra weight means you have to spend more money. See our blog post Travel Packing Checklist We compiled the ultimate travel packing checklist for you, to help take the stress out of packing.

6. Public transport

Public transport is cheaper than taking taxis. Trains are sometimes cheaper than flying. Do your research on the cheapest ways to get around at your chosen destinations otherwise you will waste a lot of money on transport when you could have chosen the cheaper option and still reached your destination.

7. Eating Out

We all love eating out especially when we are abroad as we want to experience the food. You can still experience the cuisine if you shop around. Check out the local food markets or the street vendor’s (sometimes they sell the most authentic food). If you decide to go into a restaurant for dinner, look around, often they have menus outside the restaurant so you can have a look at what dishes are on offer and their prices. Even before sitting in a cafe for a drink it is wise to shop around as you would be surprised at the price differences, even for a cup of coffee!

8. Working Holidays

There seem to be more and more people earning whilst they are travelling. Some are bloggers who earn money through their blogs. Others are YouTubers who earn money from the number of views they have. Some travellers teach and others work online- they just need an internet connection. There are many opportunities, find your niche and earn whilst you travel.

Budget Travel UK

If you traveling on a budget to the UK. All of the above tips apply! You don’t have to break your bank when you come to the UK. You just have to be wise when making decisions.

Remember ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. You can easily enjoy the beautiful English countryside on a budget. There are plenty of green open spaces for you to explore at no cost. There are many museums up and down the country which do not charge an entrance fee. As well as some art galleries. Enjoy scenic walks along the rivers in the UK. Also, keep an eye out for free local events which happen throughout the year. Transportation is good in the UK, you can book coaches or trains in advance to get the best deals.

Budget Travel UK

Budget Hotel Reading

If you are planning on staying in Reading Hillingdon Prince Hotel is a local budget hotel, with all the amenities of a large hotel at a fraction of the price.

The wifi is free – great if you are working online. We encourage our guests to bring their own food and drink to save money on expensive restaurants. We are also happy to recommend eateries that offer discounts to our guests.

You can save on expensive restaurants when you book one of our studio rooms. Each studio has 2 ring hob, sink, fridge and microwave all in one unit with a supply of pots and pans, cutlery and crockery. This is great for travellers, as you can’t pack your kitchen sink! The prices for the studios are the same as the standard rooms with the benefit of a kitchenette.

For more details about our rooms, see our detailed booking guide, to help you book the most suitable room for your travels.