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What is airsoft?

There are various reasons why people come to Reading and stay at our hotel. There have been groups of guests that have stayed at the hotel. They have booked into Zed Adventures. Which is a short distance from Hillingdon Prince Hotel Reading.

So what is Zed Adventures all about? Zed Adventures offer award winning airsoft game events. Ever heard of airsoft? Airsoft is a modern combat sport in which participants eliminate their opponents by hitting them with spherical non-metallic pellets launched from a compressed air-gun. (Wiktionary)

Imagine the setting, you have your gun, a face mask, ammo you are wearing your vest and have grenades! Let the games begin! Zed Adventures is based in a derelict shopping mall, formerly known as Friars Walk Shoppin Centre, which closed down in 2004.

Feeling excited?

Let’s have a look at the packages they offer:

Open days which are events that run every Sunday and Thursday.

Walk on, players bring their own equipment.

Basic Hire Package which includes:

  • AEG gun
  • 1x hi-capacity magazine
  • Face mask
  • 2,000 rounds ammo

Fully Loaded’ Hire package, suitable for over 18- year-olds and over. Which includes:

  • AEG gun
  • 2 x hi-capacity magazines
  • Face mask
  • Assault Vest
  • 2,000 rounds ammo
  • 5 x Thunderflash Grenades

Book your event
If you would like to book your place at an event. Or would like to know more have a look at their website or like their Facebook page

Team Building
A great team building activity. Playing the games together offers a great opportunity for your staff to spend some quality time together. The games will be challenging and you will need to use your skills. You are guaranteed to have lots of fun!

Special Offer for our Guests
We are offering guests that have booked a game at Zed Adventures a discount when they book their stay at Hillingdon Prince Hotel. Email us: for your discounted accommodation in Reading.